Granville Park Lawn Bowls Club

Celebrating 100 Years in 2015!!

Hall of Fame

Over the years members of Granville Park have enjoyed great success at the Provincial, National and International level.  Below are listed those bowlers who won honours while members of Granville Park.  One member who deserved special mention then and now is W.A. Warren, in whose honour a plaque was made in 1970.  That year marked his 55th year as a member of the club (Terminal City as it was then known).  He had been one of the founding members of the club back in 1916!

International Players





 Cathie Cleveland 1998 1998 North American Challenge 
 Christie Grahame
 North American Challenge
 World Bowls
 Asia Pacific Championships
 SILVER - Fours
 Alan Webster 1999-2002

 1999 Asia Pacific Championships

 GOLD - Singles
 Shirley Lai (Choy) 2006-200 2006 World Cup Indoor Singles GOLD


Canadian Championships Medalists



 Event & Result

 1968 Bruce Matheson Men's Singles - GOLD
 1970 Bruce Matheson Men's Singles - Silver
 1975 Bruce Matheson Men's Singles -GOLD
 1975 Dorothy Foreman Women's Singles - Silver
 1976 Lucy Howse, Ethel Jones, Dorothy Foreman   Women's Triples - Silver
 1979 Bob McQuillan, George Boxwell Men's Pairs - GOLD
 1979 Selina Jarvis Women's Singles - GOLD
 1980 Dave Brown, Grahame Jarvis Men's Pairs - GOLD
 1980 Trudy Corcoran, Ethel Jones Women's Pairs - GOLD
 1981 Trudy Corcoran,  Ethel Jones, Evelyn Bell Women's Triples - GOLD
 1982 Bert Walker Men's Singles - GOLD
 1982 John Bell, Brian Taylor Men's Pairs - Silver
 1983 Bert Walker, George Boxwell Men's Pairs - Bronze
 1984 Bert Walker, George Boxwell Men's Pairs - GOLD
 1984 Dorothy Foreman, Ethel Jones, Fran Dewar Women's Triples - Bronze
 1985 Dorothy Foreman, Ethel Jones Women's Pairs - Silver
 1988 Bert Walker Men's Pairs - Silver
 1995 Naty Rosario Women's Fours - Silver
 1997 Danny Ho Men's Fours - GOLD
 1998 Alan Webster Men's Singles - Silver
 1998 Norma Bourne Women's Fours - Bronze
 1998 Chris Grahame, Danny Ho, John Aveline, Michael Leong* Men's Fours - Silver
 1999 Chris Grahame, Danny Ho, John Aveline, Alan Webster Men's Fours - GOLD
 1999 Tom Rozario Men's Singles - GOLD
 2005 Geoff Peshick Men's Singles - GOLD
 2008 Francis Yau, Shirley Lai Mixed Pairs - Silver
 2011 Juanita Tucker Women's Fours - Silver
 2011 Josephine Lee Women's Indoor Singles - GOLD

* This team won silver in the provincials and played as BC2 at the Nationals. 

Builders of the Sport

Granville Park has a number of members

Provincial Medalists (Please bear with us: this is a work in progress)



 Provincial Event & Medal

 1974 Dorothy Foreman, Lucy Howse Women's Pairs - GOLD
 1975 M. Sutherland, Ethel Jones Women's Pairs - GOLD
 1979 P. Brown, Ethel Jones Women's Pairs - GOLD
 1980  Women's Triples - GOLD
 1995  Women's Fours - Silver
 1996 Dorothy Macey, Cathie Cleveland Women's Pairs - Silver
 1997 John Aveline, Walter Kalke, Michael Sanderson, Tony Boucher Men's Fours - Silver
 1997 Dorothy Macey, Cathie Cleveland Women's Pairs - Silver
 Chris Grahame, Danny Ho, John Aveline, Alan Webster
 Alan Webster
 Michael Sanderson, Michael Leong
 Norma Bourne
 Martha Welsh
 Men's Fours - Silver
 Men's Singles - GOLD
 Men's Pairs - Silver
 Women's Fours - GOLD
 Women's Singles - GOLD

 Chris Grahame, Danny Ho, John Aveline, Alan Webster
 Tom Rosario
 Robin Webster, Jackie Chiu



 Men's Fours - GOLD
 Men's Singles - GOLD
 Women's Fours - Silver
 2000 John Aveline, Jack Mitchell Men's Fours - Bronze
 2000 Alan Webster, Tom Rozario Men's Pairs - Silver
 2000 Helen Lam, Shirley Lai Women's Pairs - Bronze
 2001 Alan Webster Men's Singles - Silver
 2001 Helen Lam, Shirley Lai Women's Pairs - GOLD
 2004 Helen Lam, Shirley Lai Women's Pairs - Silver
 2004  Women's Fours - Bronze
 2006  Women's Fours -Silver
 2006 Francis Yau, Shirley Lai Mixed Pairs - Silver
 2007 Laura Botelho Women's Singles - GOLD
 2007  Women's Fours - Silver
 2008  Women's Fours - GOLD
 2010 Michael Leong Men's Singles - Silver
 Josephine Lee
 Josephine Lee
 Juanita Tucker
 Francis Yau
 Michael Leong
 Michael Leong, Francis Yau
 Rita Patterson
 Rita Patterson, Shella Holt, Shirley Lai
Mixed Pairs - GOLD
Indoor Singles - GOLD
Women's Fours - GOLD
Senior Triples - GOLD
Men's Fours - Silver
Men's Pairs - Silver
Indoor Singles - Silver
Women's Fours - Bronze
 Juanita Tucker
 Francis Yau
 Peter Cheong
 Josephine Lee
 Peter Cheong
Sr Women's Triples - GOLD
Sr Men's Triples - GOLD
Sr Men's Triples - Silver
Sr Women's Triples - Silver
Men's Pairs - GOLD
Josephine Lee 
 Francis Yau
Women's Triples - GOLD
 Men's Pairs - Silver


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