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The Sport of Bowls

The Sport of Bowls is pretty straight forward.  The goal in this game is to get your bowls as close as possible to the small white target ball called the Jack.  You score 1 point for every bowl you have closer than your opponent's closest bowl.  This is just like curling, so if you know curling then you already know how to score.  In fact for those of you who are familiar with curling, all you need to know is that Bowls is curling on grass without the brushing.  While the curlers are checking out the rest of our website, I'll just finish what I was saying about Bowls.

What makes this game really interesting is that the bowls, which are rolled along the grass (NOT thrown like bocce or petanque) are not perfectly round.  As they roll along the grass they curve as they slow down.  So you don't aim at your target; you aim 3-6 feet to the side of your target, because that's how much your bowl will curve sideways as it travels down the green.  If that weren't enough, the Jack, which IS round is only 2 1/2 inches in diameter (about the size of a cue-ball) and during play can be as far as 120 feet away.  Finally, unlike in curling where the rings are painted into the ice, the target in Bowls can and often does move.

This page from the Stanley Park website gives a good description of the Sport of Bowls and includes and nice little animated demo:

You can also read a very good article here on the Sport of Bowls which describes many of the facets of the sport and was written by a Canadian bowler:

Lachlan Tighe, the Bowls Canada National Team coach has produced a huge amount of coaching material.  You can find it all on this page on the Bowls Canada site.

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